Introducing our new look

Introducing our new look12 Apr 2021

A lot has changed at Van Dyks since we first opened our doors in Putaruru in 1974, but a lot has remained the same.

Continuing our legacy of servicing our community with excellent products and customer service, Van Dyks has undergone a rebrand to bring a fresh image, carefully considered to work harmoniously with the stable of trusted brands we represent – BedsRus, Flooring Xtra, 100% Appliances and now, introducing Van Dyks Living.

Van Dyks was a small family owned business that gradually expanded beyond the town and now has 12 stores around the Waikato and Bay of Plenty and is still 90 percent owned by the Van Dyks family.

During the rebrand process, we wanted to reflect our community. The colour is inspired by the bodies of water near each of its locations – the Waikato River, the Rotorua lakes, Taupo lake and the ocean near Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

Van Dyks’ offering is centered around the home, keeping our tagline “turning houses into homes” and incorporating a silhouette of a home into the logo.

Our homes have become even more important and sacred to us all in the last year and Van Dyks recognises the importance of this sanctuary.
Van Dyks Living is a new name for something we've been doing (and doing well) for a while. A curated range of furniture, developed to suit the individual needs and aesthetics of our regions and clientele.

Holding on to the values and traditions that Van Dyks is built upon, the new branding represents a nod to the past and looks to the future within the communities
they service. That’s why Van Dyks continues to deliver for free to the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions – a thanks for welcoming us and supporting us, and a promise to do the same.