2024 Interior Design Trends to Watch
Interior design trends are constantly evolving, reflecting the shift towards comfortable, livable spaces that blend style and functionality. In 2024, several key trends are poised to dominate the scen … read more
Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

18th Aug 2023

Firm, medium, soft, medium density, high loft, natural fill, microfibre, bamboo, memory foam… are you keeping up? The options for pillows are wide and varied, but the importance of choosing a pillo … read more
Bed Base, Bed Frame or None at All?
What do we think of when we think about our beds? We think of lying in dreamy comfort, the plush ‘pillowy-ness’ of the fabrics, the support, the springs, etc. – so essentially we think about the mattr … read more
Bean Bag Addiction

Bean Bag Addiction

19th May 2023

They have been around since the 70’s, these loveable little loungers could be thrown anywhere in a room, providing a comfy spot to sit and act as a quirky décor piece. It’s fair to say bean bags a … read more
What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?
Often when we visit a business, friend, or family member we meander past a bookshelf and run our hands over those delicate spines, arranged ever so randomly for our perusal- or so we think.Bookshel … read more
The Science of a Great Sofa
Are you in the market for a new couch? Perhaps a sofa, or a chaise lounge, maybe an ottoman or a divan? With endless choices available, let us enlighten you with our knowledgeable experience and tip … read more
Top Tips for Barstools

Top Tips for Barstools

2nd Feb 2023

You may use a barstool for a side table or even plant stand, but we think it’s best used as a perch in the kitchen. We have come a long way from iceboxes developing into fridges, wood stoves to ove … read more